8 Instagram Reels ideas for small businesses

With the advent of social media networks, many marketers and merchants have had the opportunity to globalize their businesses and reach more people. Among all these websites and networks, Instagram became one of the most popular ones because of its business features.

Here, I’ll share 8 awesome Instagram Reels ideas to help you grow your small business. So, stick around to find them out.

Present your products/services:

  • Show your product with different angles
  • Show your marketing process
  • Show what is your services and what type of work you provide Eg. Portfolio,Flyers,etc.
  • Show how to use it

Expose your business tools:

  • What do you use to create
  • What app do you need?
  • What your “to-go” devices (ipad-lences)

Introduce your business:

  • Who are you ( Your name, brand name,etc)
  • What services do you provide or products do you sell?
  • Why are you doing it? (your business values etc)
  • Future goals of your brand

Business productivity:

  • Show your to-do list of your work
  • What are you goals for a month?
  • Show your weekly planning?

Behind the scenes:

  • Day in your business life
  • Helps customers
  • Content creation and edit process
  • Fill up an order

Room tour:

  • Where do you work and get things done?
  • What’s on your desk?
  • How is everything set up for business

Share testimonials:

  • Ask your customers/clients to make 30 sec video as testimonial
  • Ak your customers to do review
  • Post the video on social media and gain more potential customers/clients

Business process:

  • How to build website?
  • What do you need to make a product?
  • How to do taxes

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